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The Guild of Waggoneers and Artificers

Under the distinguished patronage of her Honor the Honourable Janet A ustin , OBC Lieutenant Governor of the Province of British Colombia

The Guild shall foster understanding of the History, Heritage and Traditions of combat service support units in Canada and the British Empire and Commonwealth, and will actively engage in the education of the past, present and future value and importance of combat service support units and in particular the 39th Service Battalion. The Guild is committed to effectively articulating and communicating the interests, objectives and aspirations of the 39th Service Battalion Regimental Family (RF).

The purposes of the Guild are to educate the general public about the history and role of Combat Service Support (CSS) in the Canadian Military through support for Museums, producing and providing educational information, maintaining customs and traditions as well as supporting those in financial need along with providing educational scholarships, grants and bursaries, with a particular emphasis on persons associated with the Combat Service Support services, including serving members, veterans, affiliated Cadet Corps, and their families. In addition to the foregoing the Guild will assist, encourage, co-operate and participate with other charities and organizations and individuals who are engaged in undertakings consistent with the purposes of the Guild.

In addition to Patronage Appointments which may include Royal Patronage, The Lieutenant Governor of BC, as well as senior military leadership positions or distinguished leaders of the Community, membership includes Honorary Officers, CO’s, RSM’s, Officers and Sr. NCOs of 11, 12 and 39 Svc Bn along with their immediate family members as well as serving and retired members of the Military and civilian paramilitary organizations.

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