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The Guild of Waggoneers and Artificers (The Guild), a not-for-profit society, recognizes the importance of education to individuals and to our nation. Our objectives are to encourage and enable student achievement in gaining post-secondary study or attending historic and/or educational events.

A number of post-secondary bursaries and grants have been sponsored for the benefit of members of the Combat Service Support Regimental Family and other youths which include:

  • Serving members and their immediate families,

  • Veterans and their immediate families,

  • COATS-GIC officers,

  • Royal Canadian Army Cadets, and

  • An annual sponsorship of a youth from of chosen youth organization (determined annually by the Guild Executive Committee (GEC)).

The Guild of Waggoneers and Artificers underwrites the annual provision of up to five $1000 bursaries. Grants will be determined annually by the GEC (funding and number of Grants is flexible).

Bursaries and Grants will be awarded based on the decisions of the Guild Bursaries Selection Committee. Applications Deadline: January 15th (of each year)


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