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Guild Membership


  • The Guild of Waggoneers & Artificers, a registered federal charity with Vice Regal Patronage, provides educational and charitable support to soldiers, military families, veterans, cadets, Indigenous communities and civilians in need across BC.

  • The Guild operates as a distinguished body of supporters of the 39 Service Battalion Regimental Family drawing on a centuries-old heritage going back to the Royal Waggon Trains with its’ skilled artisans and tradesmen of the Board of Ordnance who supported the British Armies. These services are the fore bearers of today’s logistics and electrical / mechanical maintenance organizations. The Royal Waggon Train’s history dates back to the mid-17th century. 

  • The Guild provides the Regimental Family with ties to the communities, industry and educational institutes


The Guild’s primarily purpose has the goals of establishing educational bursaries and grants; to support the educational and welfare needs of the Regimental Family; assist with funding our Museums; and to champion our veterans and past members of the Battalion. The Guild also provides a means of engaging with our civic governments, industrial leaders and the academia in our local community for the benefit of the Regimental Family.


In everyday life, our soldiers work and interact alongside their neighbours, other local citizens and with their employers, many of whom are unaware of the service and sacrifices these citizen soldiers of the Canadian Armed Forces make for our country. The Guild, by creating networking opportunities with civic governments, can foster a greater working relationship which is priceless in times of domestic strife, emergencies and celebrations.


We are able to reach out to local businesses to create win-win situations where the logistical, technical skills, and leadership abilities of our soldiers are taught in their military training, can be utilized in the wider civilian arena. With more understanding of the service our soldiers, currently serving and retired, can provide, with their knowledge and capabilities, our local industries will have a better understanding of Reservists’ need to attend training exercises and National deployments. Ideally this will lead to our employers developing more flexible ways that allow our soldiers time off to attend these activities. By partnering with our local academia we can assist in allowing our soldiers to train closer to home through an understanding of the civilian equivalencies between military and civilian trades.


If you would like to learn more about the Guild of Waggoneers and Artificers, the Regimental Secretary or one of the Directors would be pleased to meet with you to review our goals and our membership details. We can be reached at Thank you for your interest in our traditions and support to our soldiers and cadet youth, both past and present.

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