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The Guild of Waggoneers and Artificers

Guild Selection Committee Procedures for Bursaries and Grants

1.  The Guild Bursaries Selection Committee is composed of a Guild Director and two to four Guild members. The Director is the Chair of this committee.

2.  The Bursaries and Grants will be offered to qualified individuals per the Guild Bursaries and Grants Outline.

3.  No later than 31 October, the Bursaries and Grants will be posted on the Guild website, the 39 Service Battalion Regimental website, RCACC websites and the Colonel Sherman Armoury Association website (veterans). Where possible other websites will be used to post these Bursaries and Grants such as the Mainland BC Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC), the Esquimalt MFRC and selected youth organization (selected annually by the Guild Executive Committee).

4.  The Selection Committee will assess each candidate and determine if the applicant meets the stated requirements and has submitted all information required with their application. Each member of the Selection Committee will be provided with a score sheet and grade the applicant in each area (e.g. meets all requirements, grades on transcripts, reference letters, the applicant’s letter etc). Each Committee member will submit to the Chair each applicant’s score sheet. The Chair will tabulate and post the results to the Committee. If an applicant is clearly the lead the bursary/grant will be awarded. If there is a tie between candidates, the Committee will meet to further discuss the candidates and make a final selection.

5.  Applicants for a Bursary or Grant must complete an application form which includes, as a minimum, the following information:

  • Full Name

  • Address

  • Phone contact

  • Email contact

  • How they meet the qualification for the Bursary or Grant.

  • Supply a certified transcript of their latest school grades and previous year’s grades.

  • Two personal references from teachers and/or coach (at minimum one teacher plus coach).

  • A letter from the applicant describing why they should receive the Bursary/Grant and how it will benefit them.

6.  Results will be presented to the Guild Executive Committee. The applicants selected for the Bursary/Grant will be posted on the Guild website and announced at the Annual Dinner. The selected applicants will be invited to attend the Annual Dinner and presented with a cheque during the evening. Applicants that cannot attend will have a cheque mailed to the address provided.

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